Dustin Payne | Western Art

Representing the Fading History of the American West in Native American, Wildlife Bronze Sculpture, and Western Art.



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Old Blue

We have a few of the remaining castings in the “Old Blue” edition cast and ready to ship out in time for the holidays with the traditional patina shown.

The History of the American West has always been fascinating to me. From the early settlers who shaped the West, to the Native American Culture that spanned across the country; the historical journals, stories, photographs, and events, are what inspire me to sculpt. To start with a simple block of clay and finish with a sculpture in bronze, depicting a historical scene, frozen in time, is the basis for my approach. The real inspiration comes into play when creating the features in the art that evoke a feeling of wonder and curiosity. Each piece should capture the emotion and meaning that the viewer can relate to through their own stories of the past of a love of American History and Western Art that they share with the artist. I believe this exciting and beautiful era should be preserved for future generations and I am honored to capture it in bronze sculpture. I hope my admiration of western art and historical culture comes out in every piece that I create.
— Dustin Payne



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