Distant Shadows Monument

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Monument Size, 8ft 6″H x 3ftW x 3ft 4″D

Limited Edition of 15

Mystic animal cults were numerous among the tribes of the Great Plains. Each of these entrancing groups was composed of individuals who believed they had obtained supernatural power from the same animal or bird through a dream or vision. Like most societies, they evolved distinctive ritual and ceremonial regalia associated with the animal from which the cult’s power was derived. A young boy learned that a warrior did not walk on hilltops: he instead kept low and peered over cautiously, they might even sit like a wolf watching quietly. While crossing a flat, warriors often covered themselves with skins to appear as an animal from long distances. Wearing a Bear hide gave many a warrior the feeling of having obtained the supernatural power associated with the ferocity and power of the animal. This method saved many warriors lives while out hunting or scouting.