Fundraising Efforts

I want to share with you some information about a fundraising effort we are working on helping out with.  Our great friends at the Former Texas Rangers Association are working towards the groundbreaking of the main Museum at the Texas Rangers Heritage Center in Fredericksburg, Texas. The story will be told of the history, heritage and culture of the Texas Rangers in an immersive and engaging world-class exhibit. The 26,000 sq. ft. Heritage Center and it’s LoneStar Ranger Academy will soon be welcoming all ages to share and learn of the value-based traits that made and defined Texas and the Texas Rangers – courage, determination, dedication, respect and integrity.  The museum component is part of the second phase of the Texas Rangers Heritage Center and will focus more on educational interactive exhibits than artifacts, states Former Texas Rangers Association President Joe B. Davis.

“What we’re trying to do is, when you go in, you’ll learn the Texas Rangers’ history from the beginning,” Davis said. “We’re not trying to compete with the artifacts they have (at the Waco museum).”

proposed plans for the new Museum

proposed plans for the new Museum

Since the 1930s, the Former Texas Rangers Association and its predecessors have curated a small exhibit on Texas Ranger history in San Antonio, currently at the Buckhorn Saloon.

Houston-based DG Studios, which oversaw the redesign of the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg, has been chosen to design the exhibits for the new Ranger center. Plans include a holographic image of a Ranger who will dismount a horse and talk to visitors.

The Former Texas Rangers Association estimates that its heritage center will draw about 100,000 visitors a year once it is complete.

We have reserved numbers in the maquette sized edition of “The Legend, The Lore, The Law” to benefit the Former Texas Rangers Association.  All of the proceeds from the sale of these editions will go towards the Heritage Center to help preserve the history and integrity of the Texas Rangers for future generations.


“The Legend, The Lore, The Law” was created for the Heritage Center, with the life-size version of the artwork installed on the grounds in 2016.  We are excited to see the upcoming progress of phase two and the groundbreaking of the main building at this world-class facility which also features an events pavilion, amphitheater, the Texas Ranger Ring of Honor, a memorial dedicated to those who gave all in their service to the Texas Rangers, and the Rangers Tower, standing apart as a beacon for learning, and salute to good citizenship.

We are proudly working with the Foundation to reach their fundraising goals on this project. To purchase a maquette version of “The Legend, The Lore, The Law”, please contact the Former Texas Rangers Foundation at 830-990-1121.