Monarchs of the Prairie

Limited Edition of 35

22″H x 19″W x 10″D

The great prairie of North America was once home to the plains Indians. They were a proud and noble people. Their currency was measured by the number of horses they owned and their reputation was earned by brave acts done during battle. The wild herds of bison nourished, clothed and provided shelter for their families. Their struggles usually had much to do with the valuable hunting grounds that their peoples relied upon.

Each tribe or clan had its best warriors. These men would have been known to many tribes around the land. They were celebrated by their own, and respected by their enemies. Here I have depicted three warriors; the kind that might have rode along-side the likes of Crazy horse, Sitting Bull, or Red Cloud. With their beaded and feathered regalia, they would appear to be royalty, or monarchs of the prairie.

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