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Happy December!

We are getting a few of the castings of  “On the Edge of the Wild” back from the foundry this month. This piece depicts the famous mountain man, Jim Bridger and is available to order, shown here in bronze with the artist choice patina.

Limited Edition of 12

Limited Edition of 12

Limited Edition of 12

You can see more photos of the piece here

Limited Edition of 12
22.5″H x 7″W x 7″D

In the tracks of Lewis and Clark, some 20 years after their epic Western Expedition, a young man named Jim Bridger headed west from Missouri. With his incredible geographical and survival skills, he became one of the greatest mountain men of the 19th Century.
As an original partner in the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, he also later founded Fort Bridger along the Green River section of the Oregon Trail. He was said to have been the first Anglo to lay eyes on the Great Salt Lake as well as many wonders of the Yellowstone region.
Bridger, also known as Old Gabe, was a storyteller; an amusing teller of tall-tales spun from his hundreds of adventures through the West. As he grew older, he found his way back to Missouri, spending his last years on his front porch surrounded by his grandchildren. On that front porch, he would tell his family, “I wish I was back in the Rocky Mountains, out there you can see forever.”
Jim Bridger was a hunter, trapper, guide, army scout, and an incredibly dominant figure of the early American West.

This piece is also going to be sold as a monument approximately nine feet tall.  Check back soon for information on this piece as well as photos of the work in progress.

Dustin and I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and we look forward to hearing from you.

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~Tammy Payne

Tammy Payne
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